Switch effortlessly from DataFlex to industry standard databases with Mertech’s FLEX2SQL database driver.
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Mertech’s Flex2SQL is a database connectivity solution that allows an existing application currently working exclusively with DataFlex transactional engines to function with more scalable and secure relational database engines such as PostgreSQL, Oracle, MS SQL, and MySQL. Flex2SQL’s plug-in architecture enables companies to quickly switch over without altering the application or incurring high re-engineering costs. Flex2SQL includes a migration tool that creates tables and copies data with all of the needed indexes and a database driver which allows applications to execute database processes with a new SQL backend.

Flex2SQL seamlessly operates with the latest versions of industry standard databases. Not only are these databases interoperable with third-party tools and operating systems, they can also easily scale to thousands of users to support a business’s ongoing growth.

For those seeking support for stored procedure and functions, PostgreSQL provides an enterprise level database with absolutely no licensing fee. Mertech’s driver provide access to stored procedures and functions from within a DataFlex program by using embedded SQL calls. For developers looking to adopt an enterprise level database with absolutely no license fee or royalty, PostgreSQL is the solution.

Product Highlights

  • Support for overlap/partial overlap fields
  • Complete support for case sensitive indexes
  • Complete support for mixed ascending and descending index segments
  • Preservation of RECNUM values during data migration
  • High-speed data migration
  • Record Locking instead of file locking
  • Complete Support for Transaction
  • Access views and synonyms as DataFlex files
  • Seamless integration with existing TABLES and VIEWS by automatic generation of FD and TAG files from existing tables and views
  • NO CODE RECOMPILATION! The table structure is exactly like DataFlex!
  • Support for DataFlex restructure commands
  • Detailed migration report
  • Generate SQL Script for creating tables and indexes

Required Components

To be able to run a DataFlex program from any Windows version of DataFlex, the user needs to install or have access to PostgreSQL client libraries and client networking utility, properly configured to access the PostgreSQL server. Mertech’s driver and license file is installed in the same directory as the DataFlex runtime and must also be accessible to the program.

Supported PostgreSQL Versions

Version 8.4 and above

Supported DataFlex Versions

DataFlex® 5.x and above for Windows 2000 and above

DataFlex® 3.1c and above Console Mode for Windows 2000 and above

DataFlex® 3.1d for Linux and above

Please Contact Us for additional Unix platforms

Download The Flex2SQL Whitepaper